The Rules

Let’s be honest, we don’t really like the rules. But, as this is a competition, we have to have some. So, here we go:


The Car

Firstly, and most importantly, the car must be a 2 door coupé or convertible sports or GT car. That means it can’t be a 4 door saloon (e.g. Subaru Impreza). It also means it can’t be a hot hatch (e.g. Golf GTi). There is one exception; namely the Mazda RX8, which is technically a 4 door, but has the lining and styling of a coupé. It dared to be different, it’s in the right price bracket, and we think it deserves a spot. Drivers can submit requests for further exceptions, if they can convince us the car is worth it.

The car must be a production car, built after 1990. No kit-cars. Absolutely no kit-cars. Oh, and it’s gotta have a petrol engine. As much as we love a good diesel that just isn’t appropriate for this challenge.

The maximum you can spend on the car, when purchasing it, is £2500. That doesn’t mean the car has to be worth £2500, but you can’t pay more than that. Drivers will need to provide a bill of sale, or receipt, from the buyer.

The car must have an MOT and road tax. The purchase price must include road tax and MOT. You can’t buy that separately.

The car can not be modified to track specification, but it may have OEM or after-market body kits, and other bling. No roll cages or built in fire suppression systems. It must run on road tyres and they must all be road legal at the time of purchase.


The Driver

You have to be a UK resident. Because of the demands on our time, and wallets, it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else if we have to work around your travel schedule.

You have to have a valid UK driving licence, and be insurable. That’s very important. Otherwise you can’t drive. And then what’s the point in having you on the team? Unless you make good coffee?

You need to be available to participate. We understand people are busy and some have lives and children and other petty distractions, but quite frankly, if you’re too busy to show up, then we don’t want you. We don’t expect you at every event, but you will lose points for missing them.

If you commit, you’re in till the end. If you drop out part way through we reserve the right to not like you very much and possibly say hurtful things on social media. And you wouldn’t want that. Some of us can be really mean on Twitter when we want to be.

You have to pay for stuff. There will be events, competitions, track days, driving and other things that cost money. Each driver will be responsible for covering the cost of their own vehicle and contributing fairly to the cost of the events or activities. Now, obviously, this is about running a proper sports car as cheaply as possible for a year, so that’s the attitude we’re going to take too. There won’t be any 5 star hotels, or fancy dinners. Our aim is to do this as cost effectively (read: cheaply) as possible. We’re not exactly loaded either.

Finally, and most importantly, you’ve got to be fun to be around. This isn’t a classic car meet where we all stand around twiddling our ‘staches and talking about the latest manifold issues we’ve been having. This is about having fun. And we will have fun, dammit!


The Competition

Basically a lot of the points you earn or lose will be based on you telling us what’s happening. So, we expect honesty.