The Challenges

We’d love to see you at some of these upcoming events over the next 12 months. Some are points challenges and others we’ll be there simply to support the car fraternity and to hopefully raise a little cash for the charities we support…so come up and say ‘hi’


Challenge Events

July 26th 2014

Launch Day


We have no idea how many cars will turn up, that’s part of the fun, so let’s hope we see an interesting group of cars in the same place at the same time!


August 16-17th 2014

Lotus Festival – Brands Hatch


We’ll be showing off the cars in all their glory over the weekend of this prestigious and fun Lotus event. From F1 cars to cup races, there is something for everybody this weekend. There is no challenge for us here, it’s all about meeting people and finding out why Lotus cars have such a loyal and supportive fanbase….

OK, we may do a small challenge such as get the die hard Lotus fans to choose their favourite car….highest votes win!


September 27th

Rolling Road Challenge – Austec Racing, Gatwick


Well what can we say, our first challenge and a very important one. It’s simple, we all have our car tested on the rolling road and top points are awarded to the car who has lost the least BHP from it’s original advertised number. Who will win?…we have no idea either! Feel free to come and join us on September 27th as all cars tested will help generate much needed donations to our fundraising! Want to know more about Austec Racing? Check them out at


October 11th

1/4 Mile Test – Santa Pod


Think your car is fast? Why not pop down with us to the amazing Jap Car Weekender at Santa Pod in Bedford. We’ll be putting the team against each other on a head to head challenge, Winner takes all. Fastest car wins and takes the 100 points.

We’re also hanging out with the Japanese car crew, we’ll be finding out what makes them love those Japanese cars, Is it the constant ability to upgrade the power or is it the amount of personalisation they can do, from dodgy spoilers to canon sized exhausts…we’ll find out!


November 29th

Let’s Race!


Join us at Lets Race, Horley, who have the country’s only full motion F1 simulators, between 5pm and 10pm and enjoy the many fantastic attractions we have planned. There will be fun for all the family including children’s race simulators, a Batak reaction time machine, 6 track scalextric, raffle and a nail bar for the more feminine attendees and much more!

We are very excited to be welcoming some of the children who have been helped by the charities as our special guests for the evening. They will get to drive in the first race along with our lucky children’s raffle winners.


January 11th

Performance Car Show – Birmingham

Autosport International 2012 Stage (Large)-L

We’ve sobered up and we kick 2015 off in style. This is a big challenge, we’re off on a real adventure. There’s a shedload of points riding on this one and it’s all about sensible road driving. Yes it’s the Miles Per Gallon Challenge and we’ll be setting off from Chobham services and heading our way up to Birmingham NEC for the awesome Performance Car show…and guess what, the person with the best MPG on this 180 mile round trip challenge is getting 100 points!


February 21st

Concours d’Lemons

concours delegance


We’re going to hold a ‘Concours d’lemons’! This is going to be a show and shine event, where we get to show off our cars. We’ll be blinging them up best as we can, making them sparkle and, hopefully, earning some points!

The idea will be that we all rate each other’s cars, as honestly as possible, in terms of interior, exterior and driving experience. Yes – driving experience. We will all drive each other’s cars for a good 20-40 minutes to get a feel for how well they handle, how cool they make you feel and well put together they are.

Each driver will be given a score sheet for each car and asked to assign points for various qualities ranging from appearance to emotion. And to make it a little fairer we’ll disregard the highest and lowest points given each time, and average the rest.

And as we’re all about the ‘sports’ cars, some categories may be worth more points than others!

Later in the year we’ll do a public version so you can tell us what you think!



March 22nd

Trackday – Blyton Park


Thanks to our friends at Lotus on Track we’re taking our cars on track, for the first time!

Because not everyone has track experience we thought Blyton Park would make a good compromise. Like Silverstone Stowe it is twisty in places, but with plenty of safe run off – ideal for novices and experienced drivers alike. Maybe the UK’s Abbeville.

Coming up, but to be confirmed!

The ‘Wife’ (WAG or BAH) Challenge – TBA


Sports car ownership is only fun with an understanding other half, so we’re going to do a Sunday afternoon session at a pub near you. We’re going to entertain the girlfriends, wives, husbands or boyfriends and get them to test out the cars in a whole number of tests and considerations such as ‘Child Friendly’, ‘Handbag Challenge’ ‘Switch challenge – Ease of use’ and most importantly ‘Aesthetically acceptable’. Sexist? yes, very!

We’ll also be finding out how women think about cars, what makes a car feminine and fun for the lady in your life. What do women consider when buying cars and what do car salesmen do to get the woman saying ‘yes’ to the husbands four wheeled fantasy.


The Road Challenge – TBA


We’ve driven each others cars on track, but how are they are in the real world? This test separates the men from the boys as we go on a weekend road test to match the best of them. It’s all about the cars, which one will reign supreme and which one will be going home on the back of the breakdown truck! only time will tell.

We’ll also be doing ‘The Detail Challenge’ – take two buckets, a sponge and some lovely polishing equipment and it’s ‘Game On’ as we aim to make our cars look pretty for the cameras….and ooh, we’ve got a celebrity judge whose doing the concourse voting for us! But who is it?


The Hill Climb challenge – Prescott Speed Hill Climb


We’re going to the home of the Bugatti Owners Club and enjoy a drive to one of the UK’s most exciting motoring events…The Hill Climb. We’ll be throwing our cars up the famous Prescott Hill Climb in a speed challenge…don’t forget your picnic basket, it’s going to be a great day on the hill.


Le Mans 24 hours race


What can we say…we’re off to the 24 heures du mans…the ultimate road race and the final events of our yearly challenge. Why are we going all the way to Le Mans? ’cause that’s what thousands of us car loving Brits do every year! We’ll be chilling out with motorsport fans all over the track, from the Porsche Curves to Houx Annex…for some cars, bbq and beer…we’ll be showing you what this amazing event is all about.

Challenge? oh yes, we’ve got one of those here too…but we can’t say what it is yet. The organisers won’t let us!

…..“is that it?” you ask?

Of course not. We’ll also be attending various other events over the year so stay tuned for a full list soon!