What’s the point in competing if you’re not trying to win? And how do you win? Simple, earn the most points over the course of the year!


Your Starting Points

This is how we’ll calculate your starting points. That means we’ll have a winner and 7 losers right from the start.

Firstly you get one point for every horsepower your car came out of the factory with. Easy, if your car had 120 BHP when it was first sold by the dealer you get 120 points.

Then we add points based on what your car originally cost. We calculate this on the base price for your specific model, and don’t take into consideration specification or optional extras. You get 10 points for every £1,000 your car cost. So, if your car cost £25,000 when it first came on to the market you now get 250 points.

And then there’s a bonus. If you buy a car with a full, and we do mean full, as in from new, service history you get an additional 100 points.

Add these all together and you get your starting points.

So, here’s your first challenge. Do you play it safe and get something low powered, low cost and potentially super reliable, or do you go balls-to-the-wall and get the biggest, baddest, beast of a car you can find? Will you start off big and win points on the track events, or do you start off small and try not to lose points on the reliability challenge?

The Eight Ball

During the reveal day we will be issuing all drivers with a number, based on pool balls. The driver who pulls the Eight Ball out of the ‘hat’ will earn an extra 50 starting points


Scoring Points

Throughout the year we’ll be competing in various events and activities. Each one will give you a chance to score points for your car.


Competitive Events

Check out the events calendar for more information on each event, but in general, for the competitive events points will be earned as such:

1st – 100 points
2nd – 90 points
3rd – 80 points
4th – 70 points
5th – 60 points
6th – 50 points
7th – 40 points
8th – 30 points
9th – 20 points


Mini Challenges

During the competition there will be mini challenges for the drivers, or cars. These challenges will be scored as competitive events. They will not always been publicised in advance.


Fuel Economy Challenge

For the fuel economy challenge you can earn 10 points for every 1 mpg that you average. So, if you get 26.6 mpg you will earn 260 points.


Motoring Events

We want to be involved in local car culture, so will be attending organized car events, such as car shows, museums and exhibitions. Drivers can earn an extra 10 points for each of these they attend, by providing proof of entry.


Blinging It Up

We want you to have fun with your car, and that includes personalising it. So, drivers can earn 1 point for every £10 you spend on making your car special. Add some ally tat and earn a couple of points. It’s up to you! And remember, the better looking your car is, the more points you might get from the public. There is a points cap of 100 points on blinging it up. After all, we’re a classy bunch of people. Oh, and this includes ICE modifications.


Max’ing It Up

There are no points available for performance or mechanical enhancements. We’re not interesting in making the cars more powerful, louder or faster. They are sports cars, if you didn’t pick one that is fast and loud enough already then you picked the wrong car. That said, these kinds of enhancements (including induction, de-cats, turbo or supercharging, suspension changes, exhaust systems, etc) may help you with the public vote, or during the more performance related events. Remember, keep it legal!


Public Points

We live in the age of social media, so you can score points from interactions of Facebook or Twitter, or from public votes. During our events and the social media weekender there will be a vote from the public on their favourite car. See the competitive points table to see how you can earn.


Blog points

This is a bit of a catch all for doing something awesome and then sharing it. For example, if you do a cool repair on your car, get mentioned in the media (and mention CLM), write something deep and thought provoking about car culture, tweet and get loads of responses, drive traffic to the website or anything else that we/you can blog about or share on social media then you could earn some bonus points. Points issued are at the discretion of the judges.



Losing Points

Obviously you’re going to be able to lose points. Here’s a few ways that may happen.


Missing Events

Missing events and activities. This is a big no-no, so you will be punished accordingly, if you haven’t informed us. Even if you can’t attend the event, your car will usually need to be there. We will have a backup driver, who will come and collect your car, take it to the event or activity and return it to you afterwards. Let’s call him Hans. IF he’s available. Book early!

If Hans is available, he will participant in the event or activity, on your behalf, so you could still earn points depending on how he does. However, since you didn’t couldn’t be there, we will deduct 25 points, from any points earned at the event. You could go negative!

However, you can use a Joker. If you have to miss an event, and Hans isn’t available and you haven’t missed any other events then let us know as far in advance as you can. Using your Joker means you simply won’t earn any points for the event.

If you miss an event without the use of your Joker you will be considered to have come in last place. But, instead of earning 20 points you will also lose 50 points!

Only one driver can be missing per event! First come, first served. If someone else has already been excused and you still miss the event you will be penalised the 50 points and still lose your Joker. Harsh, but fair. This doesn’t work without everyone attending.

If you miss an event because you broke down on the way then the above doesn’t count. Instead you will lose points as per Breaking Down, below. You will however, earn the ‘last place’ points from any mini competitions and the public vote (the latter only if we have a substitute for your car).


Rolling Road

We’re going to do a rolling road test. That means we’ll strap your car to the dyno and see how much power she’s lost. You lose 5 points for every BHP you’ve lost from the original specification. This will be calculated based on the standards used by the rolling road test gear, and if in doubt the original power will be based on the KW rating, not the HP or BHP rating. If conversions from crank horsepower to ‘wheel horsepower then an industry standard will be used (for example:



Breaking Down

You’ve spent £2500 on a sports car. Chances that something will go wrong with it are high.

If you breakdown, regardless of the cause, or if you get back on the road, you lose 25 points. If you need to be towed you lose an additional 25 points. Get to know your car, and carry tools and spares!

Additionally, every time a part falls off your car, or you need to fix something, you will lose points. For every £50 you have to spend on the cost of parts to repair your vehicle you lose 10 points. But we’re giving you a chance to redeem yourself here too, you only lose 5 points if you can fix the ailment with second hand parts.

You will not lose points for any work that needs to be done for wear and tear, ie new tyres, brake pads, oil changes, etc. Anything that is done regularly, as part of running the car. But, do please tell us about these costs, so we can add them to your total on your Car Page.



Not Driving Your Car

The whole point of this challenge is that you buy and drive an everyday, usable, car. Therefore every car must be driven for a minimum of 250 miles a month, on average. Some months you may do more, some you may do less. All miles accumulated during the events and challenges are eligible.

At the end of the year we will deduct 10 points for every 100 miles below the 3000 miles you should have driven.


The Final Tally

The award ceremony, and thus the final tally will be revealed in the pub, when we get back from Le Mans. The winner will have glory and kudos bestowed upon them. The loser will get the bar tab.