Seesaw Online

Our Team

We are a small business helping other small businesses.

We have no interest in the words; corporate, multi-national, synergy, flag-pole, pivot or group-think. We do, however, care about cash flow and brand. About growing your audience and your opportunities. Leads, reach, likes and followers are all important to us. If your business doesn’t work, then neither does ours.

With a variety of backgrounds we bring a simple, no-nonsense approach to your marketing. If it doesn’t work we won’t keep doing it. If something better comes along we’ll change tack.
What do we do?


Well, maybe not everything, but we do lots of different things for different clients.
What we try to do is integrated marketing – so – from your web presence (whether it’s a website, or an Amazon shop), through to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn), to video (Vine, YouTube) and good old fashioned design, print and advertising. We support all this in house, with videographers, photographers, copywriting, design and web build. And, if we can’t do it (such as great PR), we’ll know someone who can.
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