What is the Le Mons 365 Challenge

So, what exactly is the Le Mons 365 Challenge?

Well, it’s a number of things. Firstly it’s a competition.

As part of Club Le Mons (and we’ll get to that later) it’s the inaugural run-over-a-year-do-something-fun-and-win experience. Eight people, all with the same passion for all things automotive, square off against each other to prove that a £2,500 sports car can be as much fun, if not more, to live with than a £250,000 super car. Why spend house money when you can spend, eh, really expensive shed money and have a better experience?

So here’s what happens – our drivers spend up to £2,500 of their own money and buy the best, most interesting, or most fun sports car they can. We then test them with a number of activities and events and they earn points. Or lose points. He, or she, who comes out with the most points at the grand finale at the actual 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans will be crowned the winner. The loser will have to pick up the bar tab. Want to see what we’re up against? Click here.

Secondly it’s an opportunity to help some amazing charities. We realized that blowing £2,500 on a car is, well, a bit of a luxury. So we felt a little bad. And then we thought, well why not do something good at the same time? So here we are – you, the public, get to play a huge role in helping us support some really good charitable causes. Vote for your favourite driver or car, enter our raffle, donate at the events we’ll be visiting, or support us in other ways and help us give back to those who need it more than us. Hopefully you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling too.

Thirdly it’s a new TV show. Actually, can we call it a TV show, if it’s on YouTube? Anyway, what’s the point in doing all of this if we can’t share it with family and friends. And if we’re sharing it with them, then why not share it with the world. We want to entertain you with our antics, our moments of glory, our moments of complete failure, every time one of the guys hits on Amy or Becky and gets rejected, the humiliation of being stranded road side with yet another critical car failure, the moment of pure joy driving away from someone else who’s been stranded on the road side with yet another critical car failure, and so on. And to make it even more interesting we’re going to film some other bits too. We’re going to look at car culture in the UK, what drives people to buy super cars, why do some go on track days, what’s the big deal with being a member of the MX5 owners club, is everyone who owns a Saxo with a loud exhaust called Gaz? Tune in here, to find out more..

And lastly, it’s about being members of a club. Most of us are members of car clubs already, usually specific marques, usually for cars we own. They are fantastic resources, full of technical expertise and useful tips. Club Le Mons is not. It’s just us and anybody who likes cars. We banter, we argue, we agree and we share. We take that part of our lives that sucks up so much time, and money, and experience that with other people who do the same. Because our wives certainly don’t. Well, Neil’s wife doesn’t. The rest of us are too smart to get married. Except for Steff, but his wife is super hot, so it’s ok. Anyway, if you’re interested in joining the club, getting the t-shirt and access to the forums, and so on, come back real soon!