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Our Frequently Asked Questions


So, what exactly is the Le Mons 365 Challenge?

Well, in short, it’s about increasing awareness and helping raise £50,000 for two amazing charities – the Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance and the Make A Wish Foundation UK. The challenge element? Well, nine people, with the same passion for all things automotive, square off against each other to prove that their budget sports car is the best as they strive to become the ‘Le Mons Champion’ and avoid becoming the ‘Le Mons Lemon’. Through a series of tests, challenges and activities both car and driver will gain, and lose points until the final tally is reached at the Le Mans 24 hour race in France in June 2015! By voting and donating for your favourite car and driver to win, we hope you will help us reach our £50,000 goal!

Le Mons? How do I pronounce that?

However you like. Some of us say lemons, some of us say Leh-Mons. We’re sure you’ve already figured out that it’s a combination of the term ‘lemon’ – meaning a bad automotive purchase and Le Mans – the biggest event of the Challenge – will we all make it?!

Sounds like a bunch of rich friends having fun, what’s the deal here?

Rich friends? Not at all. This is about nine relatively normal people getting together with two great charities to raise money and awareness. Most of us didn’t know each other before we started. We’re accountants, therapists, small business owners, stuff like that – no city-boys, trust fund babies or euro-millionaires here.

What’s the deal with £2,500?

The reason we set our budgets at £2,500 is that every time a Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance has to take off, it costs £2,500. No matter what the outcome of the flight, that money is spent. This amount also goes a long way towards helping the children who are supported by Make A Wish Foundation UK. We are really keen to get involved with these charities in as many ways as possible, it’s not just about giving them a cheque at the end of the Challenge. One example is how we were able to help Make A Wish grant Josh’s wish. You can read more about that here.

I still don’t get it, so you’re going to go have fun for a year and you want us to pay for it?

Pay for it? No! Everything we do over the next year, from buying the cars, running them, attending events, doing challenges, filming everything and our fund-raising activities will be paid for by us.

We hope you will be entertained enough by our antics, banter, successes and failures to want to reward us with your support, vote for your favourite car/driver and donate to our fantastic charities. Oh, and if you like cars anyway then you might be interested in our exploration into the UK’s car culture. But to get back to the point – not a penny of your donations come to us, it all goes to the charities.

Ok, so you guys are making a, what, TV show?

If you count online as TV then yes. We are capturing all the fun and adventure over the next 365 days for you to enjoy. If you love shows like Wheeler Dealers, Top Gear and Fast n Loud, you will love this as we have been inspired by them. That should give you some indication of what we are trying to achieve. Remember though, you aren’t limited to just the show – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

And it’s a competition, how?

Well, just having a bunch of people owning some cars and driving around in them didn’t seem particularly challenging, or entertaining. So we devised the ‘Le Mons 365 Challenge’. The drivers will earn and lose points over the course of a year in an attempt to become the Le Mons Champion and avoid becoming the Le Mons Lemon. We will be testing the cars, and the drivers, in various ways. Many of the drivers will be taken out of their comfort zone. For all of us it’ll be a new experience.

And what’s Club Le Mons then?

Well, as another way to donate, you could just join the Club. Yes, that’s right, we’ve set up a non-marque specific car club for anyone who likes cars, or us, or bantering about cars or anything else for that matter. We’ll soon be offering, for a small joining fee, a membership pack, invitations to upcoming events and maybe even the chance to have your car featured on the show. Oh, and there is one other reason to join – check out ‘What happens when you reach £50,000?’. But you don’t need to, you’re more than welcome to enjoy what we do without joining the Club.

So remind me, how do you want to raise money and how do I vote?

OK, firstly voting and donating is the same thing. In order to vote you simply pick the cars and drivers that you want to support (could be one, could be all of them) and click on the image of the car(s) on the homepage. You can then donate as much as you want, as many times as you want. The driver/car who gets the most votes will also get points in the competition!

Alternatively, come visit us at our public events. We will let you know which ones will have representatives from the charities on hand to discuss the good work they do and also accept direct cash donations.

Buy some of our merchandise. Everything is priced so that we can cover the cost of the product and have money left over to give to the charities.

Sponsor a car – get a year’s worth of advertising by getting your company name and logo on a car, on social media, on our website and most importantly, on the TV show. It’s a very cost effective branding exercise.

Remember, we don’t get a penny of what you give us!

What happens when you reach £50,000?

We keep on going… £50,000 is a goal, but doesn’t mean we’ll quit there and then. If we hit that number then a) we’ll keep on going till the end of the year and raise more money and b) we’ll look at doing this again, perhaps over a shorter period (winter for example – Le Mons 4×4), or with older cars (Classic Le Mons), or with Hot Hatches (Le Mons Gen X) – and if you’re a Club Le Mons member you will be eligible to participate!

And what’s the deal with the sports car vs. supercar thing?

We (well, most of us) love supercars, but we’re worried that they’re a bit too unaffordable! So we wondered what if you could have as much fun with a ‘cheap’ sports car as you could with a supercar? That’s a question we’ll hopefully be able to answer over the next year.

What if I love, or loathe, what you do?

Tell us!! We need your feedback to know what we’re giving you is what you want to see. This isn’t something on Discovery or the BBC, and this isn’t the X-Factor or some other nonsense. You can get in touch with us in various ways (email, Twitter, Facebook.)

And finally, how can I get involved?

If you drive something special, your car is a lemon or you have something to share, feel free to get in touch,

Be part of the Challenge!